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Cosplanner is the app that all cosplayer and cosmaker must have!

Create and manage all your cosplays with it, know the progress percentage of them in each moment, save reference images of the character, know the total cost and time you've invested in making each of its elements and the time lapse of your project.

When you finish it you'll be able to do even more! Log events where you will wear it, places, photo shoots, achievements and its best pictures!

Do you know what has been your most expensive cosplay? Or the cheapest? What number of photos you have of them? Or which one has been worn in more events? Cosplanner will help you to track this info, so, you'll be able to decide what's the next cosplay to wear, or which of them is missing a good photo shoot

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Hi! Feel free to email me to provide some comments, suggestions and doubts about the App. Also, you can join at Cosplanner social neworks to stay connected for news, promos, events or updates!